In Pursuit Of A Serial Killer – The Archetype Case (Paperback)

In Pursuit Of A Serial Killer – The Archetype Case (Paperback)


By: Dr. John White
ISBN 10:
ISBN 13: 978-1-60797-580-9
No of Pages: 347

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“The moment Detective Sergeant Jeff Holland walked into the Collins residence, he knew he was crossing the threshold of evil. He could feel it. He slipped his hands into a pair of skin-tight latex gloves and placed shoe coverings over his size eight loafers before carefully walking down a short hallway. It was very quiet. Eerily quiet. He recognized the stench of drying blood, but another putrid odor invaded his nostrils. An odor he knew only too well that came from internal organs. He brushed a lock of thick, brown hair from his forehead, took an antacid tablet from a roll he carried and chewed on it as he approached the doorway of the master bedroom. He stopped at the entrance and surveyed the inside of the room. Years of police work could not have prepared him for the sight”..

About the Author

John H. White, Ph.D., is a former Investigator Sergeant with the Dallas, Texas Police Department, where he worked numerous positions, including Internal Affairs and the Fugitive and Special Investigations Unit.  He is presently a Professor of Psychology at Stockton University in Galloway, New Jersey, and has a private practice as a licensed psychologist where he specializes in forensic neuropsychology.  He continues to consult on homicide and sex crimes cases by working with The Academy Group, Inc., a forensic behavioral science company, and is an associate member of the Vidocq Society in Philadelphia, as well as a board member of The American College of Forensic Psychology.  He has published numerous articles in professional journals regarding sex crimes and serial murder and is the technical advisor for the TV documentary series Killer Profile on A&E.  He has also advised and contributed material to the writers of the CBS-TV show Criminal Minds.  This is Mr. White’s first novel.


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