Clinically Oriented Anatomy of the Dog and Cat (2nd Edition)

Clinically Oriented Anatomy of the Dog and Cat (2nd Edition)


Author: M.S.A Kumar
ISBN: 978-1-60797-552-6
Trim Size (Inches): 8.5″ x 11″
No of Pages: 1396

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This is the first clinically oriented textbook in the field of Veterinary Anatomy. The textbook emphasizes the importance of anatomy for clinical applications and includes in-depth description of basic anatomy of the dog, and where applicable, significant anatomical differences in the cat are noted and illustrated. The textbook contains numerous ‘blue boxes’ highlighting clinical notes. The book contains hundreds of illustrations in brilliant colors. The author created many of the illustrations. Numerous conceptual diagrams are specially created to visually present complex anatomical relationships that have clinical applications. For example, new illustrations are created to describe urinary bladder neural control. A regional approach is taken in describing the anatomy because clinical application of the subject demands it. Detailed cross-sectional anatomy of the head and body are included as an atlas since planar anatomy is important for interpreting MRI and CT images. Some highlights:

• Clinical notes by board-certified Veterinary experts
• Integration of developmental anatomy within each chapter
• Major anatomical differences in the cat are included
• Hundreds of original color illustrations
• Each chapter has numerous self evaluation multiple choice questions


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